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We provide Window Tinting Services for cars, homes, and business in Lake Worth Florida Using only the highest quality American made window tinting films complete with a full written manufacturers warranty, and the best possible prices, our mission is to offer Lake Worth Florida not only innovative window tinting products, but also innovative solutions, tailored to your individual specific needs. We differentiate ourselves through fast service, quality window tint installations, cost efficient solutions, and exceptional customer service. You can trust our knowledgeable window tint experts with all of your Automotive, Residential, Marine, and Commercial window tinting needs because we believe "there is a world of difference between acceptable and exceptional"  Call us for a free competitive window tinting quote or to schedule service and find out why we are the number one choice of Contractors, Building Managers, and Homeowners for window tinting in Lake Worth Fl. for over 30 years
Residential Window Tinting

Today, remarkable new window film products and technologies have changed the energy performance of windows in a radical way. It is now possible to have expansive views and daylight without sacrificing comfort. Any house can be made more energy efficient by using
our high performance window films , and  more importantly, our technologically advanced window films perform so much better and differently than cheaper Dyed or Hybrid Films.

Spectrally selective window tinting films block only select wavelengths of radiation while maintaining a high amount of visible light transmittance. These premium films keep out the heat you don’t want and let in the natural light you love.

Spectrally selective window tint films allow for a luminous interior, while ensuring a comfortable and temperate environment. These films are the most subtle, practically invisible when installed - ideal for maintaining a perfect view, and a comfortable even climate.


Auto Window Tinting

Car window tints are available in a variety of shades and colors making it easy to accent the look of your car, while taking advantage of the latest window tint technology. You want and deserve the best when it comes to car window tinting, but where do you go to get the best auto film materials and installation?

Our Premium films boast the highest IR rejection in the industry while maintaining the highest possible visible light.
Other conventional films in the industry have to make their films darker with dye and thereby reducing visible light to achieve the similar levels of solar energy rejection.

Unlike conventional tinting films, the signal enabling technology of our premium films causes no interference with AM/FM or satellite radio signals, Bluetooth / cell phones, garage door openers, BMW Assist, Mercedes-Benz Tele-Aid, OnStar, navigation GPS systems, radar or other high frequency signals that may be installed on your vehicle.

Call us today and let us show you the perfect auto window tint for your car.

Commercial Window Tinting

Selecting window film for a commercial building involves many considerations related to appearance, overall performance, energy efficiency, and cost. Seeking the desired appearance of  windows in terms of both the exterior facade and the interior design is often the starting point. Once these aesthetic characteristics are identified, the overall performance aspects of the film are addressed. These include:

visible light transmittance
infrared rejection
visible light reflectance
total solar transmittance
total solar absorption
total solar energy rejected
heat reduction
glare reduction
and shading coefficient

Also to reduce cooling loads new types of window tinting films can be specified that reduce the impact of the suns heat without sacrificing view. Spectrally Selective films absorb and reflect the infrared portion of the sunlight while transmitting visible daylight, thus reducing solar heat gain coefficients and the resulting cooling loads.

Security Film

SECURITY FILM Lake Worth Florida
Every facility, regardless of size, construction or location, has areas of vulnerability. Those areas are where attacks can be made on a company’s most valuable assets – their employees, guests or tenants, their property, and their information. And no matter how well guarded, structurally reinforced or fortified, every facility shares the same chief vulnerability – its glass windows.

Safety and security window film offers the most complete protection available against these glass-related threats. Consider it an invisible peace of mind. The thick, optically clear barrier film bonds to the inside of windows, helping to keep broken glass safely in place upon impact. And the solar control version can dramatically increase a property’s energy efficiency, reduce solar load, improve climate and diminish glare and heat gain.

Our window tinting films are on some of the most prestigious homes and landmarks in
Palm Beach County.
Call us when the absolute best matters.

"It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it." 
  --  W. Somerset Maugham





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